Bird watching in Lalbagh

One of the best things about bird photography is that it requires you to wake up early! (you can shoot in evenings too… but most places are crowded in the evenings).For lazybones like me who are used to waking up at 9 am (earliest), bird watching and photography gives a wonderful reason to wake up early.

I woke up early at 5 am today and reached Lalbagh (Bangalore) by 6 am. It was relatively crowded today! In addition to bird photography, I was also keen on participating in the bngbirds yahoo groups bird watching programme (conducted every 2nd Sunday @ Lalbagh).

Initially until 7 am, I just wandered around the lake, the lotus pond, the rocks and the big tree nearby where you see a large number of Black (Pariah) kites. I did get a few good shots early on, like the duck and the purple moorhen below.

Purple Moorhen

Soon, 2 of my friends Abhijit and Sreekanth joined me. And we gathered at the glass house where the bng birding team was to gather. We met a few nice folks there, some of them highly experienced (with decades of birding behind them). And I was amazed at their level of dedication to bird watching. Unfortunately, I forgot their names – need to look them up on the Yahoo group.

There was a quick introduction followed by a discussion on tips and tricks of birding. Then the group started moving.. albeit slolwly. Initially, we saw a few beautiful birds like the Common Myna, Asian Koel, Parakeet, White Cheeked Barbet, Pariah Kite, etc.

Here is a pic of the white cheeked barbet… though not so good.
White cheeked Barbet

There after I felt that the group was moving too slowly and I would miss the chance to get a few nice clicks near the pond (as light becomes too harsh as sun rises). Hence, I politely excused myself from the group and went to the Lotus pond along with Sreekanth. The pond has a few nice Lotus flowers like the one below (shot earlier in the day).

But by that time, it was already 9.30 am and the sun was already beating down harshly. Most of the snaps I took later were not satisfactory. And also, I was very tired because of Saturday’s Kanakpura trip. So I decided to get a few record clicks and head back home. And left Lalbagh by 10.30 am. But it was a day already well spent, courtesy the bng group meet and the few lessons I learnt from them and from my own clicking.

Here is a list of birds I saw

  1. White cheeked barbet
  2. White throated kingfisher (near the lotus pond)
  3. Pariah kite (near the rocks and also near a big tree nearby)
  4. Parakeet (near glasshouse)
  5. Asian Koel (near glasshouse)
  6. Common myna (everywhere)
  7. Crow (everywhere)
  8. Purple moorhen (lotus pond)
  9. Ducks (lake)
  10. Indian pond heron (lotus pond)
  11. Common Egret (lake)
  12. Little Cormorant

In addition to these, I saw a few butterflies, insects, etc too. I would have liked a few more better clicks. But overall, I enjoyed the visit. Now that I know a few tricks of the trade, I plan to come sometime in the next week too and try my luck again with the birds.

3 thoughts on “Bird watching in Lalbagh

  1. Hi,
    We were at Lalbagh along with a bunch of 8 kids in the age group of 9 to 12. We reached by 7.30 am and lingered around the lake looking for birds and observing the trees etc. We did not know about the bird watching group. This is our maiden attempt. We hope to repeat after learning about the birds through browsing and books about birds in blore and in lalbagh. Your article is interesting.

    1. Hello Sunitha,
      Nice to know about your visit with the kids.

      It is a wonderful hobby to develop. I am sure the kids will love it. Please do let me know if you need any further information. Would love to share anything I know. Also, please consider joining the Yahoo groups and other forums that I have mentioned in my links page.

      Cheers and happy birding!

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