Birding in your backyard

Often we fail to notice the simple things.

In birding, we tend to go to birding hot spots and sites. But tend to forget our own backyards which may be home to a few birds. I realized this yesterday when I noticed a huge flock of birds on a tree behind my house.

I decided to have a peek into what kind of birds the tree plays host to. I woke up at 6.00am today and immediately went to my terrace.

Not a huge variety of species, but not bad for a 10-20 min birding. Here is what I saw

  • Black kite (hovering at a distance)
  • Common myna
  • Crow
  • Rock Pigeon
  • Asian Koel female

There were several other distinct sounds but didn’t spot any bird unfortunately, partly due to my inexperience. As for the snaps, I could only manage to get a few record shots. Nothing worthwhile, maybe except this little bugger.

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