Bootstrapped & being incremental

After I quit my job in 2011 (March), I had little idea about what to do next. I thought I will experiment a bit and see whats in store for me.

I knew I was done with working for someone and wanted to see if I had any capability in building a business – any business, size or industry didn’t matter much.

Things were hazy. I had several half-baked ideas. Tapprs is one that worked out okay.


Tapprs was never really my primary idea – since it is capital intensive, I kept resisting it. But all my other ideas failed to gain traction and I kept getting deeper into Tapprs and it started doing significant revenues. Natural course took over, esp after some inspiration by CEO Roger Cicala.

At Tapprs, things weren’t based on rocket-science. We simply paid attention to:

  1. taking care of customer well
  2. being fair and honest with employees and other stake holders
  3. putting business interests ahead of personal interest
  4. not taking short-cuts
  5. being fanatic about processes, systems, inventory & money management

That shows on the dashboard below, at least a bit.


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Life plan before your business plan

“Entrepreneurs make the mistake of focusing on their business plan before they’ve focused on their life plan”.

– Norm Brodsky

I don’t know if I am an entrepreneur yet. But I am glad I read this, because I was on the same path. Focusing too much on the business plan and ignoring the much more important life plan.

Life’s a roller coaster these days!

On days when I have many enquiries, I feel on top of the world. On days when there’s hardly an email or two, things look doubtful. Will I be able to cross last months revenue? What the heck am I doing here? Should I go back to a job? Questions plague me.

My way of overcoming those questions is usually by hitting the gym. Running does wonders to my mood.

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