Cycling scene in Bangalore

Cycling as a hobby is picking up fast in Bangalore!

I see a lot more cyclists on the road these days. From the expensive Trek’s and Merida’s to the low cost Hero’s and Hercules’, you see them all. Clad in colorful attire complete with gloves and helmets, cylists here are pedaling their way towards a better and healthier Bangalore.

This year has been a wonderful year for cycling. We had the cyclothon. We have our own BBCh races and of course, any weekend, there are riders contemplating between a Nandi hill ride and a Bannerghatta trail ride. Some like Francis and Shreekumar keep planning for their next 1000Km ride. And events like TFN have helped immensely in popularising the sport. Cycling is amongst the most happening things in Bangalore now.

Also, I see a lot of cycling oriented adventure sports ventures springing up. A few that I know are

And the forums are bubbling with activity.

The tribe is growing and carbon footprints are reducing!

2 thoughts on “Cycling scene in Bangalore

  1. Hi,

    I searched on google and came upon your site

    I am seriously looking to switch from my bike to bicycle for various reasons:
    Ease of Traffic congestion
    Health Reason
    Eco friendly

    However, I am not sure which model and what accessories I would need in order to sustain my daily commute to office and home.
    I wanted to learn from the expereinces of other such initiative taking people in Bangalore and it would be really great to come across such people.

    Do let me know.

    Thanks a lot, sanjeev
    cell: 99803.70031

  2. Agree with ur post. I was a participant in the 2011 cyclathon.. Loved it and so have my preps been for the long rides. So far the longest has been a century ride to hosur. (Planning a big next one blr-mys in first week of march). Let me know if you are interested…
    There are many cyclists who are not known that much.. check this for a change….. (He is my friend’s father in law.)

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