Good equipment != good photos

Yeah, good equipment does not always mean good photos.

But, good cameraman = good photos (often, irrespective of equipment).

Need to kick myself. I had been spending an inordinate amount of time in the last 3-4 days trying to identify further equipment I need, reviewing tons of lenses, etc.

I would have been better off had I spent the same time on learning the art of photography. Going into the field and clicking. Practising.

Often we fail to realize that equipments are just facilitators. Equipments don’t do a single thing. We do.

2 thoughts on “Good equipment != good photos

  1. Hi Prem,

    I loved the photographs posted on your site. And I agree that practise is more important than the equipment. However, don’t you feel that you need to get atleast the basic equipment in place?

    Only recently, I’ve started taking my photography seriously, however I feel a little handicaped by the camera I currently use – its a Kodak Z712. Do I have atleast the basic equipment for decent photography?


    1. Thanks Rohit.

      I am not sure of the specs of your camera. It is good enough for a few more days if your camera has settings like aperture priority, shutter priority, etc. But if you are serious about photography, you might want a DSLR soon.

      That said, i would suggest you to actually practise with your own camera for the next 2 months. Try to learn a few things about
      1. Aperture
      2. Shutter speed
      3. ISO
      4. Depth of focus
      5. Exposure
      6. Composition

      Then if you are really bitten by the shutter bug, you can decide to upgrade.

      Hope that helps.


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