Inspiring story: Madhavan, IIT grad, now successful farmer

This story is highly inspiring. Please read the entire story here.

Farming in India is one area in which innovation and best practice implementation is a bit sore.

I come from a family of farmers and I have seen first hand how far behind we are compared to our Western counterparts. Our methods are archaic. The yield per acre in India is low. Wastage is high. Storage methods do not leverage the facilities available today. Transportation losses are horribly high.

Also, middle men are a menace. The typical small scale farmer lives a hand-to-mouth existence. The middle men enjoy the fruits of the farmers hard work.

Simply put, this industry needs a lot of professionalism. Farming needs to be run like we run a company. Our approach itself to farming needs to be revisited. We need to plan, prepare, implement, experiment and learn from mistakes better. And we need more people like Madhavan. Kudos to him. People like him are the real heroes.

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