Lady in the rain

Lady in the rain

I love rain. Real heavy, heavy rain.

It rained heavily in Bangalore today. I was thrilled. Wanted to seize the opportunity to click in heavy rain.

I dashed home, quickly covered my camera in a plastic bag, took a cotton cloth to wipe the lens from rain drops and zipped away in my car in search of a good click.

After a few dissatisfied clicks, I took my car and parked near an intersection at such an angle that I was at 45 degrees to incoming traffic. I liked the view created by the traffic in the background and people walking in the foreground amidst a pool of rain water that reflected the light from the vehicles. I lowered the window and waited for an umbrella-less person to turn up.

Many came and went, but I was not happy. Then this old lady appeared. I put my camera out of the car window, focussed and clicked. I felt happy.

Due to rain and no light there, I had to lower the ISO to 3200. The shutter speed was 1/100 and aperture was at F/4.2.

I loved the story behind the photograph, a helpless lady fully drenched and trying to reach a shelter soon. But I think I could done a better job had I prepared properly and been more patient.

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