Look ma, new gear!

My latest additions to an ever-growing list of photography gear. 

  • Gitzo 3541LS carbon fibre tripod
  • Arca Swiss Z1 Monoball head
  • B+W Kaeseman 77mm circular polarizer filter
  • Tiffen 77mm HT graduated neutral density filter
  • ML-L3 remote
  • S90 pocket camera
  • Seagate 640GB pocket disk (am sure I will run out of space again 🙁 )
  • Sto-fen omni bouncer for the SB-600
  • Step-up rings (52mm and 67mm to fit 77mm filters)
  • Kingston memory card reader

And additions to my travel gear

  • Eureka Apex 2XT 2 man tent
  • Suisse sport sleeping bag (already have one, but didn’t bring it with me and needed one here)

Most of these purchases were planned ones and I am happy with what I purchased. But I did go overboard with the purchase of expensive tripod, filters and a pocket camera (my old one broke after I fell from the cycle sometime back), but I can still justify buying them. 🙂

Photography and travel are not cheap hobbies. Especially if you have the habit of yearning for new gear and visiting new places every few months. I guess, at least, I am now done with most of my photography purchases for the next couple of years. I am sure.. hmm.. err.. except maybe… maybe… that last lens!

I have stopped thinking of my photography and travel expenses.. its a futile thing! I know if I am interested, I will do it. And yes, I don’t regret it because it helps me live a life than just stay afloat! But I need to focus on raising my income to accomodate these expenses such that my savings doesn’t get hit. (The US trip did help a lot this time). Need to work on that.

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