Westward bound

Am traveling in a few hours from now. This time to San Francisco.

Though its for work, I plan to do a bit of traveling around to scenic locations during the weekends and yes, birding and cycling a bit too! I plan to either purchase a used cycle or rent one for 3 months depending on which would be cheaper.

Its my first trip to USA and my third trip abroad(Canada and France being the first two). Naturally, I am excited. But that is purely for the travel part of it, unlike few years back.. when just like any other IT guy, I would have jumped up in the air for just visiting the US and getting my passport stamped with the US visa. (And would have gone there, traveled to a few regular spots nearby, saved money by not drinking expensive coffee and would have returned home to tell stories of how wonderful a place US is… bah). These days, any travel excites me. I hope it turns out into a memorable trip!

Over the next few days, I intend to visit a few places and use my 10-24 Nikkor extensively. And yes, have plans to purchase more photography / cycling accessories.

Traveling is fun! Wish me a good trip!

PS: If you are in SFO, would love to join you for cycling / birding / photography trips. Please let me know.

2 thoughts on “Westward bound

  1. Prem, Kousi lives around the area… and he is into a lot of outdoor activities… you can get in touch with him…

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