It’s been a while since I blogged.

After quitting from work on Mar 11, things have been very slow. I tried to accomplish too many things and naturally ended up not doing much. Here’s a quick update on things.


The only travel I did in this period was a quick trip with wifey to Goa and a visit to my in-laws place, Shimoga.

The plans to travel to Andaman didn’t materialize.

Tomorrow, hopefully if my waitlisted ticket gets confirmed, I will be travelling by train to Sikkim (New Jalpaiguri and then by bus). I have plans to visit Varanasi too, if time permits.

Start-up plans:

The start-up ideas haven’t materialized yet and am finding it hard to decide as to what to pursue. Unlike many people who quit with a particular reason to pursue, I had quit without any reason, but with just an idea to do something new in life. I guess the process of figuring things out could take much longer than I had anticipated. And yes, by far, I had under estimated how soon I would set things rolling.

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Last day@ Ness

Today is my last day at Ness.

I enjoyed my stay of over 3.5 years here! I do believe Ness is a pretty good place to work at. Much better than the biggies – Infy’s, Wipro’s, TCS’s, IBM’s of the world.

In a matter of hours, will add to the pool that is confused if they are unemployed or self-employed!

Why do this?

A lengthy answer if you have a bit of time to waste, read about it here.

Where am I headed?

No clue yet! There are a few initial thoughts like I had mentioned in my earlier post.. but too early to discuss them.

Am I scared?

Absolutely yes! I do sometimes feel like being in a circular room trying to figure out a corner! At the same time, if I figure out that there is no corner, I wouldn’t mind dropping the search and returning back to where it all began… another job!

For how long will you look/try before you give up and return?

Haven’t really given that a thought. Perhaps a year. Or 6 months. Or if there is a drop in my net worth. Or if I figure out that there is no corner in the circular room. Actually, no clue!

Have the last 2 months been of any use?

Absolutely! These 2 months have been so worth it that I now believe this could be one of the best decisions of my life even if it is not successful.

That said, not having an offer and having to figure things out is so different from doing the same sitting on a nice job. Like Warren Buffett once said, it’s as different as reading about s** and actually doing it!

**Away until Apr 1**

Finally,… will be away from the blog and social media until at least Apr 1. I have been contributing too much noise to an already cluttered world. You guys are better off without my self-indulgent updates!

So, don’t bother checking for updates for a month or so!


Am back in Bangalore.

After being jet lagged for almost a week, things are slowly on track again. Office, traffic, work, home, daughter, biriyani, catch up with friends… rinse and repeat!

I am already feeling itchy. Already have plans to do a week long Leh-Ladakh trip. Need to see how things work out.

For a couple of weeks, its gonna be just idle time.

Surviving the crisis

These are difficult times!!!

Inflation is high, stock market has collapsed, economy might be showing signs of slowing down, and to add salt to your wounds, your job may not be safe enough!

Are you prepared for the worst?

I was thinking seriously about it. How prepared am I? What should I do to be better prepared?

The following post is my idea of how to weather this storm. Please check if you can strike a chord with it.

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