My entrepreneurial journey

I thought entrepreneurship was a destination. That I’d be an entrepreneur once I built a business – an “identity” I could carry with me. Little did I know how far from reality that is.

Entrepreneurship is a process – a journey of knowing who I am, why I want to build and what. And then, executing.

Building is easier. Knowing oneself is hard! The journey traverses unknown and treacherous paths within the mind. A journey filled with both intense joy and numbing pain. The more I’ve stayed out of comfort zone, more I’ve opened myself for spiritual growth – but the fee is high: self-doubts, dark alleys and even depression.

Once I got a grip of it, I realised I’d been pursuing entrepreneurship as an identity. I had to shed that externally driven side of me and move towards an internal path. The journey is arduous, but highly meaningful!

My North Star as an entrepreneur is to:

  • explore and expand my potential – push myself to see what I’m capable of
  • build things of high quality
  • create capital-efficient and sustainable value

I started in 2011. It is now a self-sustaining camera rental business in Bangalore. I am no longer involved in the day-to-day operations. My next leg of the journey is in progress.

Over the years, I attempted several things, experienced ups and downs, and learned a ton. This blog is an attempt to record a few of my thoughts. Hopefully, you will find it useful.