Tea review: Gopaldhara autumn ruby

The Gopaldhara estate teas have been a mixed bag. Autumn Ruby here. Brews into a bright orange liquor that has a mild honey smell. It tastes of a mix of honey and some ripe fruit. Sweetish, but not quite the way I like it. It feels as if someone dunked the leaves in a honey-fruit syrup to add this flavour as an after-thought. Zero astringency. Sweetish after-taste, but again, not quite the way I prefer it. 

Similar story with Gopaldhara Red Thunder autumn flush (2018) too. The biggest disappointment, however, is the Silver Needles white mix flush. All of them have this honey-fruit taste that feels like an after addition rather than a natural flavour.

Tea review: Korakundah Organic Oolong tea

My first tryst with Korakundah Oolong tea.

Pretty mild, flowery and fruity tea. Has a strong aroma that is distinctive of most Nilgiri teas. After a few sips, one would notice a flowery taste (jasmine?) and as it washes down the back of your throat, a mild peachy taste that lingers on.

Gulp it down and it is as good as hot water. Slow down, close your eyes and let the flavours unfold slowly – only then would you appreciate this tea.

Another note, this leaf is definitely for one brew only. On second infusion, the aroma was almost nonexistent (did I steep it wrong?) and the taste was much mellowed. My amateurish knowledge says that high grade oolongs could be steeped multiple times. Nevertheless, it appears to be a lovely delicate tea.