3 skills entrepreneurs need

I realize the increasing need to have 3 very very important skills while running Tapprs.

Those are:

  1. what does the customer need?
  2. how much will he pay for it?
  3. how does he decide

If point 1 above sounds too simple and obvious to you, it helps to read the story of Iridium, the satellite phone company that never was. And I think they realized it after plonking down a good 5 billion $ down the drain. And I think 7-8 years of ignoring market signals.

As for the 2nd, you may do well if you were reborn as Steve Jobs.

As for the 3rd, I would get insanely rich if I could crack the code.

Am sorry if you came here to know how to get those skills. There’s no short cut. So, go figure them out yourself.

And come back to leave a comment when you attain nirvana!

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