The fortune cookie

A sketch by my daughter that actually inspired this story (and perhaps this post)

“You’ll soon be with someone you truly love,” her friend read the fortune cookie aloud after snatching it from her.

She tried to smile, but her inability showed as she snatched it back and stashed it away. She turned her face towards the window and wiped a silent tear. They all turned silent.

One of them put her arm around her in solace.

It was her birthday. She’d just turned 25.

Her best friends had thrown a party for her at her favorite Thai restaurant. They had really hoped to get him to attend. He wouldn’t come.

She confided in her friends how much she loved him and missed him. Yet, she was too hurt to call him. She had secretly expected to see him at the party. Her hopes were dashed.

They had also booked movie tickets for the evening show. They had purchased one extra ticket, just in case.

She couldn’t concentrate on the movie. She kept thinking of him. And the empty seat they had booked. For a while it appeared as if he was there, really.

Her friends dropped her home. It was 11.15pm.

In the elevator, she suddenly remembered the fortune cookie and pulled it out of her purse and read it again. The day was about to end and she really wished he’d call her. Every one had wished her, except him.

She rang the doorbell.

He opened the door. “Hello sweetie, happy birthday once again!” he hugged her.

The fortune cookie fell out of her hand. She read the message again as it lay on the floor.

“You’ll soon be with someone you truly love.”

“Thank you, Appa!” she whispered!

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