Lockdown tales – 1

A volunteer joins a team to help people struggling during the lockdown. Identifies a septuagenarian couple and offers them help to procure daily essentials and medicines.

“Thank you, we’re fine,” they say.

Volunteer leaves, but is not convinced. Thinks they are hesitant in taking his help and he should be nicer in his next attempt.

“Very nice of you to ask again. But, no! We’re fine!”

Volunteer is not convinced. Another day, another attempt. Same story.

Now, the volunteer takes it personally. Thoughts run in his head. “What did I do wrong? Maybe they don’t like me. Or I was too pushy!….” He feels mildly rejected and starts avoiding them.

Few days later, the old couple do need help. They are uncomfortable in asking. “We turned him down several times, how can we go to him now? What will he think of us?”

However, the need is such that they decide to ask finally.

The volunteer paused for a moment, felt a wry smile inside his head. “Oh, I’m busy with WFH commitments today. This is the website. You could order there yourself. It’s pretty easy.”

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