Lockdown tales – 1

The lockdown had been announced just a few days ago. People were still trying to reorganise their lives around the restrictions.

Few apartment complexes formed volunteer teams to deal with COVID.

In one such apartment, a volunteer signed up to help people struggling with grocery logistics during the lockdown. Bustling with enthusiasm, he approached a septuagenarian couple and offered them help to procure daily essentials and medicines.

“Thank you, we’re fine,” came the reply, almost with a pride of self-reliance.

The volunteer was a little unconvinced. “Perhaps they are hesitant,” he wondered and asked them again.

“Very nice of you to ask again. But, no! We’re fine!” This time, the old man felt a little annoyed, and his abilities questioned! He stared long at the volunteer until he was out of his sight.

The next day on his rounds, the volunteer was unsure whether to approach them or not. He paused at their door hesitatingly, stood there for a while and decided to ask them again.

Same reply!

Feeling rebuked, the volunteer walked away without uttering another word.

Few days later, the old couple realised they needed help. However, they were a little uncomfortable to ask him.

“We turned him down several times, how can we go to him now?”

However, the need was such that they decided to ask finally and called him on his phone.

The volunteer listened to them without interrupting and took a long pause as if he was trying to process something in his head.

“Oh, I’m busy today. Sorry, I won’t be able to help!” he quipped and cut the call, abruptly!

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