The misadventures of an unnamed pup

Once upon a time in 2010, there lived an unnamed puppy.

He was playful and naughty. He liked going out on his own to explore the neighborhood. It gave him a chance to spin tales of his heroic adventures to his 4 siblings. Of course, the mother knew he was spinning tales and warned him not to go alone into this big bad world!!!

But our dude would listen to none, let alone Mom! And off he went again exploring the big bad world of J.P Nagar, .. alone!

His bad luck, it rained that day, heavily! Lightening struck! Streets were filled with water! Every little place was wet!

He lost his way, got wet and was almost in tears.

Heroism turned into fear, fear into helplessness!

Am lost! Mom is nowhere to be seen!

His Mom and siblings were nowhere to be seen. He searched and searched and searched… only in vain.

Its raining! I lost my mom! Can you help me find her?

He then fell into a culvert and couldn’t climb out despite all his efforts. All he could do was to wail.

Upon hearing our dude, a guy (whom we will simply refer to as ‘guy’ hereafter) took pity on him and pulled him out of the gutter and looked around to locate his Mom. Mom was nowhere to be seen! So he decided to let the pup spend the rest of the day in his parking area.

Our dude, now in a strange looking place was scared and petrified.


Life without Mama was not going to be easy for a pup.. more so for one that was unnamed yet!

I miss my mom!

He contemplated all the complexities of life without Mama. He was out there… alone… in a big bad world he was yet to understand.

Contemplating abt life without mom!

Sometimes, the ‘guy’s pretty daughter would come out and play with our dude. His only consolation!

But, his Mama, he always missed! He longed for her love!!!

I am missing my mom a lot!

“Ah! Why the hell did I leave Mama? Life is so bleak and desolate!”  And he started sobbing!!!

Isolated from mom, future looks bleak!

After hours and hours of sobbing, things going nowhere, he decided to change!

“All this sobbing is of no use. I have only one option… to face the world with my head raised high. I will learn to live my own life.”

Abandoned pup

Instantly, almost magically, he felt confident!

Abandoned pup

From then on he didn’t spend time sobbing, but started focusing on the things immediately on his plate. Eating to keep him healthy, playing to improve his fitness, et all. “Life is not bad, after all”, he thought. With a change in his attitude, things too appeared to change for the good.

Slowly, good things started happening.

Later in the night, the ‘guy’ spotted his siblings and gave them some food, which they ate heartily.

Siblings arrive!

Upon seeing two of his siblings after what seemed like ages, our dude just jumped in joy and joined the party!!!

“How wonderful it is to be back with your band”, he thought as he ate the milk-rice combo.

Joining the siblings for a party!

And then, the Mom, who by now was very worried about her Darlings came searching for them, with a ‘woof-woof’ every now and then as if sending a signal to her kiddos.

Upon hearing Mama, our dude and his siblings started wailing loudly.

Mama, who could easily make out her puppies sounds a mile away quickly rushed to the spot!

Then, a re-union. A few licks. A few scratches. A few ‘woof-woofs’. A few chides for loitering. And then, milk for our dude and his siblings. Happiness!

Finally, mom comes back! A happy ending!

And then, they lived happily ever after!

Post script: I sheltered the pups for 3 nights and they seem to have grown suprisingly fast. Now, they have become a menace.. chewing things and scratching at car doors and dropping poop everywhere. I have stopped sheltering them. But they keep returning to my parking lot to sleep for the night.

12 thoughts on “The misadventures of an unnamed pup

  1. Such a lovely story. Would hopefully have my own house one day and be able to adopt a stray (getting an own house is the carrot mom has set as a precondition before I can get a pup, any pup).

  2. ah nice read!. n yes m gladd to find another children of heaven lover! feels good to know somebody else watches the movie! 🙂

  3. @Shreelesh: I can understand. My Mom doesn’t want me to have pets now… because of the attention / cleanup work needed and the concerns neighbors raise. Also, the communities that we live in do not seem to appreciate pets, esp stray types.

    But when we had a spacious place (farm house) in Ooty, we always had a lot of dogs (including stray that we found on the road) / cats / pigeons around the house.

    PS – On facebook, one friend said he hated the term ‘stray’. So, to set things right – to me, stray means, a domestic animal loitering around helplessly without anyone to take care of.

  4. Awesome, really kind and action that is needed to be done… reminded of the time I used to stay in JP Nagar 7th phase and we had this obedient old dog from the locality – Jackie, come knock the gate, eat 1-2 pack of tiger biscuits and will go off…:)

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