Passive vs active income

I spent an hour or so today reading about Shree‘s pan India cycling trips. He’s a guy I admire a lot not just for his cycling.

It certainly made me think if I should give a shot at long duration bicycle touring.

Also, it only made me wonder if all this hullabaloo about starting my own business really fits my bill, given that I have much wider interests in cycling, travel, photography, birding, books, finance, coin collection, etc. I have always taken my hobbies seriously and I realize that I would have to scale down if I were to do anything on my own, even if its something very simple like running a book library.

Last year, I travelled without much ado in USA, Borneo and in India. This year, ever since I started thinking about starting on my own, there has been only one single trip to Goa. And much to my dismay, I haven’t blogged about my TFN trip in its entirety.. the last 4 days are still pending! Bad!! I’ve been spending almost all time on trying to figure out what start-up I want to get involved in.

I know these are initial days when the jigsaw is fully scattered. But I am yet to figure out a way to fit in the pieces.

While I would love to tell anyone that I run my own start-up or even a small business like a library, I am wondering if I will still enjoy my other hobbies the way I did in the last few years. This is a primary concern and has been holding me back from attempting anything serious.

At the same time, I am thinking more on the lines of passive income creation.

Those avenues that let you create an income stream wherein you don’t have to put in ‘time’ beyond a certain point so that you can enjoy life without interruption. No, am not talking about those 4 hour workweek stuff which sound short sighted to me. I am talking more about a lifestyle thing.

While my investment portfolio is the only passive income (or any form of income these days :-)), I am wondering if I should spend some time on other options too.

An active line of business needs some more serious thinking.

PS: The ticket to Sikkim remained as wait listed much to my dismay. So, I am now wondering if I should take a flight instead.. though that costs around 10k to Bagdogra. The other option is Uttakhand via Delhi. I haven’t decided yet.

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