Polarity-of-opinion trap

We all have opinions.

But – many of us fall into the trap of thinking that what we believe in is the CORRECT side of the equation and that the other needs to be WRONG.

Many of us fight tooth-and-nail to hold our opinion against other.

Isn’t that a trap?

Why should our opinion on one thing make the opposite of it false?

For eg, take focus vs multi-tasking.

In my circle, I see people having strong opinion on one or other (mostly in favor of focus). That is fine and reflects our belief. But, should that mean the other is wrong? If you are a focused person, is multi-tasking an evil to avoid? Not necessarily, right?

I am trying to follow this principle these days – earlier I used to defend my stance strongly. Now a days, I see both of us could be right in our own ways and hence, let it be. At least, try to.

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