Run fast to reach late

I have started running recently.

It’s been 3 weeks now and makes me feel good.

In the last 2 weeks, I used to do 10 laps in the ground near my home in about 28 minutes usually, a distance of around 4.6Kms.

Yesterday, since I entered the 3rd week, I thought I will push myself a bit more. So I tried to run just a wee bit faster.

To my surprise, it took me longer than my usual sub-28 minutes.

It took 30 minutes.  I had slowed down during the latter part a bit.

That made me think.

  • Slow and steady may be boring. But is still a good strategy.
  • Fast growth is not the answer to building a good business / financial portfolio / lifestyle.
  • Focus on quality. Maintain priorities. Focus on goals, not on reaching fast.
  • Don’t sweep things under the carpet in your race to pace it out.
  • Think long term though few of them may be counter productive in the short term.

It is especially important that I keep these things in mind given my current situation. Gave up my job, too many experiments, lot of ideas, lack of execution knowledge, what-next situation, etc.


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