TFN 10: My cycling gear for 1000 Kms

The much awaited TFN is less than a month away.

For those of you who are new to my blog (or TFN), Tour of Nilgiris is a ~1000Km, 8 day cycling ride across 3 states (Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu) involving 100 riders. More information is available here.

Several discussions are happening on what to wear and carry and what not to. Here is my list of gear / clothing for the much awaited ride…for 8 days.

Needed while cycling

  1. Trek 4300Trek 4300 & me
  2. Cycling helmet – 1
  3. Moisture wicking jerseys – 3/4 pairs
  4. bTWin cycling gloves – 2 pairs
  5. bTwin padded cycling shorts – 2 pairs
  6. XUDD 700-Sun glasses – 1
  7. Sipper – 1
  8. Digital camera – 1 (will probably carry my Canon S90 pocket cam. Will miss the DSLR :-()
  9. Memory cards
  10. Cycling torch with batteries- 1
  11. Tail lamp with batteries – 1
  12. Cyclocomputer – 1
  13. Allen key – 1
  14. Puncture kit – 1 set ( spare tubes, puncture patches, mini pump*,  levers, salt paper, chalk piece )
  15. Floaters (will mostly use this for even rides)
  16. Few packs of dry fruits
  17. Small plastic pouch to keep money safely during rain
  18. Saddle bag – 1
  19. Cycle lock – 1
  20. Bandana – 1
  21. Waist pouch – 1
  22. Sunscreen
  23. Lipguard
  24. Phone

Needed after cycling / during specific situations

  1. Spare brake shoes
  2. Fleece jacket – 1
  3. Fleece tee (Ooty in Dec is pretty cold) -1
  4. Rain jacket – 1
  5. Shoes *
  6. 4 pairs of socks
  7. 5 pairs of inners
  8. Phone
  9. Jeans – 1
  10. leisure shorts, tee’s
  11. Notepad – 1
  12. Skull cap – 1
  13. Chargers (Mobile, camera, etc)
  14. Pen drive
  15. Toiletries, brush, paste, towel & shaving set
  16. Antiseptic powder
  17. Flip-flops
  18. Ear buds (esp needed when a roomie snores)
  19. spectacles and case

* – can skip stuff

Wanna buy few of these products at a discount? Become a member of Decathlon. Ask me how!

Want to know how my TFN training is going on? Check out on Dailymile here. Or on Twitter here.

Or on Twitter here.

7 thoughts on “TFN 10: My cycling gear for 1000 Kms

  1. Hi, I guess registration for this event is now closed! I plan to do this route around last week of December alone. Wanted to check with you if it is safe (specially those forest areas) to cycle alone!

    1. Well, cycling alone.. not exactly safe. Need to be careful about tuskers esp. But not too risky too. I know a friend who did it alone. You may need to be careful about being flashy and noticeable.

  2. Hey Prem, how do I become a member of Decathlon? I will need most of the cycling gear you have listed out there! 🙂

    1. Hi Rajeev,
      There used to be a website called sportsforlife india where you could register to become a member of Decathlon. They seem to have wrapped up.

      Alternatively, you can register with Bangalore Mountaineering Club and in a month should see your name in Decathlon membership.. but sometimes it takes longer too. Registration is free afaik.

  3. Hi Prem,

    Please help in becoming a member of Decathalon. I have been struggling a lot, running here and there to become a member. I do nt have a business license. Kindly help.

    Please see I have registered with Bangalore Mountaineering Club, but no help.

    I want to buy a Rock Rider 5.0, have been waiting from last 2 months. 🙁

    Plese help….

    Best regards,

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