What to stop doing?

I am a big fan of Jim Collins. I like his book Good to great.

Today a job that I was ran took too much time to execute and I found myself in half-sleep mode. So in an attempt to shake myself up, I did some googling and landed at this site. Found it interesting. This guy had a link to a great article by Jim Collins.

It talks about what one needs to stop doing. I think this is a very vital question to ask yourself. To achieve our goal, we all focus on what has to be done. But very few care to think of what needs to be avoided. How many of us have the sincerity and guts to question our own favourite ideas (that are not working) and say “Hey, that’s not such a good idea after all; let’s unplug it and move on to something else (Jim’s quote)”.

Please read the article. (Click on the link and go to Best New Year’s resolution? A ‘stop doing’ list) Well, I have something to work on this weekend! To create a stop doing list!

One thought on “What to stop doing?

  1. Hi Prem,

    Glad you enjoyed my post on Good to Great. Thanks for the link.

    Peace be with you and best wishes in doing the right things (and abandoning the wrong ones!),

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