TFN: D-Day!

Big day!

While you are reading this, I would probably have started on my TFN (Tour of Nilgiris) ride along with 100 other crazy riders. (This is a scheduled post).

If you are new to this blog, TFN is a 1000Km bicycling ride across 3 states over 8 days with 100 riders. From Dec 16 to 23, its gonna be the ride of my life. Take a peek at their site here.

A list of things to be taken was made.

And packed into a bag. (Apparently, mine was the smallest bag in the tour!!!)

The cycle was serviced and tuned, thanks to Track and Trail guys.

Attended the pre-tour briefing, signed the indemnity bond, picked up the sponsored jerseys, fleece jacket and other goodies.

Came to know a few volunteers! Thanks guys, your effort is truly commendable! (The room in pic below looks rather empty… but actually, the place was filled to the brim with around 120-130 people).

The excitement is high, adrenaline is gushing through! To express what’s going on in my mind, I have to quote a line from a favorite movie of mine – “Into the wild”.

The core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences.

Well, TFN is definitely going to be a new experience. 180Kms on day 1, 170 on day 2 and then the huge climb to Ooty…  on day 4, I have promised the guys that I would take them around for a nice loop around Ooty. And then 4 more days of more cycling and fun!

As the days go by, I will try to keep you updated on our ride… mostly through tweets and Facebook updates and maybe an occasional post if I can manage to grab someone’s laptop.

Okay! Time for me to get back onto the saddle now. Cya folks!!! Wish me all the luck you have!

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