Back from TFN

TFN is done! Am back home!

What a tour it was! Had maximum fun throughout! While a detailed trip report is being written, here are a few notable points.

  • Cycled 880Kms through 3 states (TN, Karnataka, Kerala) with 100 riders and 30 or so volunteers over 8 days.
  • Finished all days successfully without getting into the support truck
  • Finished all the optional rides / treks too (Muthathi loop, Vidyodaya visit & Ooty forest trek)
  • Made a lot of friends
  • Had a ton of fun!
  • Rode with sandals on all days except day1. Find it very comfortable!
  • Had no flats, falls or bicycle issues
  • Did have some knee pain initially, but after re-adjusting saddle position, the pain reduced

I hope to complete the trip report by this week. Do stay tuned!

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